Going Route to Sprint, and a Big Step Up in Class

The careful reader of Around2Turns may have noticed (yeah, I’m talking to you, Mom!) a recent falloff not only in production (only two posts in July versus twice that many in both May and June) but also in verbosity, logorrhea and redundancy (those two July posts averaged roughly 400 words each, while the May and June posts averaged a blowhardy 1,074 words per).

Thanks to all who wrote in wondering if I had suddenly come up short of breath or was perhaps delving into some sort of experimental literature where you wrote the same way that you always did but later randomly deleted two out of every three paragraphs. It was neither of those.

Rather, you saw the outcome of a conscious decision to see if it was possible to write cogent and thoughtful 400-word pieces about thoroughbred racing. Based on my interpretation of the texts I can’t make head or tails about the thoughtful and cogent part, although they did come in at about that many words and were ostensibly about horse racing, so the way I look at it I’m hitting .500.

These cutbacks in distance were due not to some sudden urge to rein myself in, but, rather, were more like prep races I gave myself before stepping up into stakes-class company. You see, dear reader, some weeks ago Around2Turns was offered the opportunity to be a contributor to the new Blood-Horse Daily, if only I could just ease up on the typing a little so that these wee essays would be able to fit inside a mobile phone app. And, as they say in France … voila!

Here we will insert into Around2Turns a rare serving of a commercial agenda and encourage you to check out the new app. It’s a free download and it’s a smart and functional tool if you like the idea of having news, commentary and results and replays of stakes races all in one push-button place. Just click on this link, provide an email address, download the app, and (in our best Trevor Denman) away we go!

I know what you are thinking. Just the same, I’m going to pretend that you were thinking “Bob, what does this mean for Around2Turns”?  I’d like to tell you that nothing will change around here, and besides updating the wallpaper to a repeating pattern of the Jockey Club logo when the tech guy gets in here at 10:45, nothing ever will.

Who am I kidding? It’s very likely that I will now save my best efforts for the Blood-Horse Daily and what’s left over here will amount to more or less darkened form. (Kidding!) Maybe Around2Turns will morph into more of a traditional blog, with shorter, more frequent, and more casual observations on the racing scene, with a 2,000-word opus thrown in every now and then when suitable. It’s hard to say. This running frequently is still somewhat new to me. Give me a couple of races. Like that president said, or was it Yogi Berra? I’m still a little green around the ears.